With all of our first world problems – “can you believe there is NO VALET?”, “the service in the restaurant is sooo slow”, “I just got my car washed and the neighbor’s misdirected sprinklers got my car all spotted”. We are all guilty of such comments and thoughts. To keep myself grounded I support the causes and people that speak to my heart. Each one of the charities below came to me in a very different way but the common thread is I felt instantly “I must get involved and do my part to help make a difference.” I am so blessed on so many levels and working with these charities help me realize just how fortunate I am; even when some days I don’t feel so fortunate. If you would like any info regarding these charities or how to get involved send me an email and it would be my pleasure to help YOU!

The Good Shepherd Center

The Good Shepherd Center came to me over 20 years ago….hmmm does that make me old? My best girl friend, Beth Broderick, the most loving giving creature in the universe, had a huge Christmas show I was invited to and you had to bring and unwrapped toy. Well I just wanted to go to the party and see the show hang out with her and all my friends. When I heard the story of how she got involved and saw her passion and commitment and the deep level in which she was touched and drawn to get involved it was infectious and I was hooked. So her passion was enough for me too and I just knew I had to help her. Fast-forward to today Christmas 2013, which marks our 23rd year of supplying gifts for the women and children at Good Shepherd Center for homeless women & children. Thank you Beth for your passion and teaching me about “giving back”. I love you.

Rapid Quest

Rapid Quest is a rafting trip that raises funds for the homeless gay youths and the gay seniors of the LGBT community. These funds are distributed through the cutting edge Gay and Lesbian Center of Los Angles. What a remarkable organization and facility run by Lorri L. Jean, CEO. Her passion and astonishing drive is inspiring. I simply just wanted to go rafting with my buds. Well when I went on a tour of the Gay and Lesbian Center and saw first hand the Homeless Gay youth facility and the amazing work and support these youths had available to them and heard just one of their stories. I was ALL IN. I am so proud to be associated with the Center and be a small part of helping change somebody’s life for the better.

The Aids Walk

The Aids Walk is an organization I have been involved with for over 10 years in Los Angeles and in NYC. HIV and Aids have touched the lives of so many people I love. As a supporter for finding a cure and adding this disease to the list of curable diseases I feel compelled to help, support and be vocal. Tens of thousands of people come out each and every year. Most everybody knows somebody involved with this organization so please reach out and support whenever and wherever you can!

Aids/Life Cycle

Aids/Life Cycle….. Oh boy, this is a new one for me. This will be my first year doing the Aids/Life Cycle ride! YAHOO! I figure if I keep telling enough people I wont be able to back out. I hear from everybody this is a life-changing event and I will not be the same once I have completed the ride. I am counting on that means spiritually and that I will still be able to walk and sit down. Lol. Stay tuned I will keep you posted and for sure be asking for your support!