Bel Air

Bel Air An exclusive and upscale residential neighborhood in the hills on the Westside of Los Angeles. Founded in 1923 by Alphonzo E. Bell Sr., Bel Air has two main entrances: the East Gate at Beverly Glen Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard, and the West Gate at Bellagio Road and Sunset Boulevard, opposite an entrance to UCLA. Bel Air is made up of three distinct neighborhoods: East Gate aka Old Bel Air, West Gate Bel Air and Upper Bel Air. At the heart of the community sits the Bel Air Country Club and the recently remodeled Hotel Bel Air. For the wine enthusiast, the Moraga Vineyards are also located in Bel Air with 16 acres of grapes, which help create some of the finest California wines available. Residences in Bel Air tend to be private and hidden by dense foliage and gates. Houses range from relatively modest ranch style homes, to lavish mansions on magnificent estates. Multifamily housing is not permitted and ordinances regarding architectural styles, landscaping, and lot sizes are in place to preserve the feel of Bel Air. Although, no one is necessarily banned from entering on foot, most of Bel Air lacks residential sidewalks (unlike Beverly Hills) to discourage the public from walking around the community. Bel Air is also patrolled by local security companies. In general, the higher the property is located up in the hills, the smaller the building lots and the more modest the houses. However, those residences along roads such as Stradella Road and Linda Flora Drive have panoramic views of the Los Angeles basin to as far as Catalina Island. The most desirable houses are near the main entrances of the Bel Air Country Club, because this section offers views of both the country club and the city. Lower Bel Air boasts many of the most expensive homes in the community, largely because of their proximity to Sunset Boulevard, a major thoroughfare allowing for access east to Beverly Hills and west to the beach. Bel Air is one of the three neighborhoods making up the Platinum Triangle of L.A.

Boundaries: Bel Air is bordered by Brentwood on the west and southwest, Westwood on the south, Beverly Hills Post Office on the east, Sherman Oaks on the north and also the north side of UCLA along Sunset Boulevard.

Past and Present Celebrity Residents: Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Bruce Lee, Meg Ryan, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Will Smith and Mariah Carey.

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